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Fine Art & Crafts of Beverly Chick

Welcome to my Website and Art Gallery.  I'm so glad you came.

Animals and Nature are what I am most passionate about and they are the main theme and focus of my art.   I am a mixed media artist who works in several mediums, but my favorite is Colored Pencil & Turpenoid.   I call myself "Chick Artistic Creations" because I am always exploring new forms of creativity and I do​ not limit myself to just one niche.  I have a line of graphite pencil Celebrity Portrait Print Art, mixed media Outer Space Art, my own line of Steampunk/Victorian Style Jewelry and even a couple of self published animal comic books.   I'm also into crafts such as Handmade Books, Refrigerator Magnets, and Hand Painted Rock Animals.  In the world of art, there is always something new to discover.

Animals & Nature Slide Show

"Owl Scowl" (in slide show) won Best of Other Media (Drawing) and First Place at the Idaho Fair 2021!

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About the Artist

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​​ My​ Creative Process

My artistic process was developed over a period of many years.   I use colored pencil with the solvent, Turpenoid; and then I combine this with various other mediums.

When Turpenoid is applied to the colored pencil, using a cotton swab, it breaks down the waxy based pencil color and creates an interesting effect that looks more like a painting than a drawing. This method involves both drawing and painting because you actually paint with a cotton swab instead of a brush.

Years of experimentation have taught me the best ways to combine watercolor, acrylic and pastels with colored pencil & Turpenoid, resulting in my own special artistic interpretation.

Current Art Exhibits & Workshops through 2021

A Holiday to Remember Vendor & Crafts Fair at Kleiner Park in Meridian - Dec 4th

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Looking for that that perfect Christmas gift? Here are some gift ideas for that special person who is an animal and nature lover.

Check out my Hand Painted Rock Animals, Crazy Canines & Funny

Felines Comic Books, and my Animals & Nature Fine Art Prints

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Animals & Nature Gallery

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  New Addition:  A Rock Animals Web Store!

"Being in the Lamb Light"

This is my new​est painting just completed!  

 Colored pencil & Turpenoid, with acrylic & pastel. 

It will be available as prints in my web store.

My largest Rock Animal Commission

The largest sized rock animal commission that I have gotten so far was this one for Amber Barnes. It is 9" across and weighs about 5-8 pounds.  It will be displayed at the Dance Academy in Star, Idaho, where Amber works.

It's Christmas Bazaar Season!

My first Christmas bazaar of the season was at Lowell Scott Middle School.  I did well in sales too. It was fun and there was a good turnout.  Some Star Wars fans in  costumes showed up to make it a great time for everyone.


The rock animal is lovely.  Thank you so much.  

My husband put it on the hearth of our fireplace.  It looks great."

Linda V. Thomas

​The Wolf Rock is a wonderful gift.  It means a lot to me and I'll never forget it.  I love the fact that Beverly Chick painted it.

-Bill Daenitz

The photo on the right is how it looks inside Bill's home right next to the front door.