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The Art of Beverly Chick

Exploring Other Worlds

Whether it's exploring outer space or the spaces in our own world, making new discoveries is vital to our growth as individuals.

Getting to know someone and having a relationship is like exploring a new world. Sometimes those worlds turn out to be a great experience, and sometimes you find those worlds are unpleasant. They may look pretty good from the outside but when you get inside, they are toxic. Relationships can be the same way.

If you have been burned a lot with "toxic worlds" there is one thing to remember before you decide to become a hermit. The next new "world" you decide to explore, if you are willing to take the chance, may very well be the world that you are looking for, the world that brings you salvation.    It comes down to this.  You have to make a choice between protecting yourself from the danger of getting hurt or taking a chance on a new world.