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The Art of Beverly Chick

Animals & Wildlife Animals & Wildlife Forest Fawn The Original is16 X 20 Mixed media 202328285 Dog Day Afternoon The original is 16 X 20 Colored Pencil & Turpenoid A tenant who use to rent a room downstairs had a dachshund. I took a photo of him as he was rolling around in the grass, looking very happy. Just had to make a painting out of it. 202328286 The Hedghog The original is 11 X 14, Mixed Media with some collage What motivated me to do this piece was two things: 1) I had never done a hedgehog before and 2) I wanted to take on the challenge of finding a technique that I could use that would effectively portray all those little hedgehog spikes. 202328287 Otter Odyssey The original is 16 X 20 Mixed Media I have a fascination with otters and their fur. I found it a lot of fun to capture the dense & spiky texture of that fur. I was intrigued by the expressions and gestures that seemed to tell a story. The one in the front looks like he/she is praying or perhaps just finishing dinner. But the one in back look like he/she has a headache; or maybe he/she is having a light bulb moment? 202328288 Seal of Hope The original is 11 X 14, Mised Media My inspiration for this was to capture a look of hope and innocence on the face of this harp seal. 202328289 Snow Bunny The original is 12 X 16, Mixed Media I was intrigued with the idea of depicting a white rabbit in snow and doing it in a way the the two images wouldn't cancel each other out. This has turned out to be quite popular with people. 202328290 Got Nuts? The original is 11 X 14, Colored Pencil & Turpenoid Another favorite wild animal of mine is the squirrel, who can be cute, quick, and sometimes pesky creatures. An acquaintance of mine took a great photo of a squirrel and I asked if I could paint it. 202328291 Smooth Landing The original is 11 X 14, Mixed Media What motivated me to do this piece was the water patterns. I knew they would be hard to do, but I couldn't resist the challenge. This reminds me of an airplane coming in for landing at the airport. 202328292 Elephant Walk The original is 11 X 14, Mixed Media The texture of an elephants skin really fascinates me. Then when I saw a photo of this cute little baby with its mother, I just had to turn it into a painting. I had never done an elephant before and I was up for the challenge because they are such interesting creatures. 202328294 Horseplay in the Daisies The original is 16 X 20, Mixed MediaI wanted to capture the playfulness of young baby horses in the springtime. Sometimes they look like their very long legs are too long for their small body. Their very unique proportions was one of the factors that motivated me to paint this. 202328558 Blue Nose Dog The original is 13 X 13, Colored Pencil & Turpenoid This is a portrait of a cute little dog name is Karob. He has a great personality and is very friendly. Again, I was fascinated by the texture and waves of the fur and the detail that was there. This portrait won Honorable Mention and People's Choice at the 2016 Idaho Fair. 202335081 April Elk The original is 11 X 14, Mixed Media This was a successful experiment in combining watercolor with colored pencil/Turpenoid. I had not done this before and I like the result. A subject theme I tend to often come back to are the wild animals that are indigenous to Idaho. 202335082 Grizzly The original is 11 X 14, Mixed Media Another animal that lives here in Idaho. This is a result of experimenting with combining colored pencil with pastel. Again, I love doing fur! 202335083 New Ducky Do The original is 9 X 12, Mixed Media I picture the story behind this being that a little duckling just got a new hair do and wants to show it off. He says, "How do I look?" 206265900 Good Hare Day The original is 12 X 16, Mixed Media I love to use humor in my art. A photo I took of a angora bunny ended up as a witty narrative piece about using hair products on a rabbit to make it more beautiful. Perhaps this little fellow is getting ready for a special rabbit show and he wants to win a ribbon! I couldn't resist the pun of Good and bad Hair/Hare day. 202335084 Palomino Power Original is 16 X 20, Mixed Media I saw a photo of a horse running and I loved the angles and how the muscles of the horse looked. I wanted to depict a sense of power and energy that was within the horse. 202335085 "Mirror, Mirror on the wall....." The original is 11 X 14, Colored Pencil & Turpenoid "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" I friend of mine told me that if I ever do a Sloth portrait, to contact her. They have such cute and unusual faces, that I was convinced I needed to add a sloth to my collection of animal portraits. And I'm glad I did because it won a ribbon at the Idaho State Fair. 205535294 Hay Day at the Fair The original is 12 X 16, Colored Pencil & Turpenoid I love to do animal portraits from photos that I actually take myself. This was created from a photo that I took at the Western Idaho Fair. 206098105 Big Horn Sheep The original is 11 X 14, Colored Pencil & Turpenoid I had never painted a Big Horn Sheep before and noticed how much interesting texture there was to this sheep. I created this from a photo I took at the Western Idaho Fair. I was fortunate that the photo showed a lot of detail that I could capture in the painting. 206098106 Anticipation The original is 11 X 14, Mixed Media I was intrigued by a photo I saw in a book that showed a cat and a fish starring at each other and that was my inspiration for this piece. 206265896 Owl Scowl The original is 11X14 Colored Pencil & Turpenoid \ Observing an owl up close is not something the average person gets to do. I was fascinated with the various textures and patterns of an owl., and that was my motivation for creating this piece. 206305466 Mellow Moose The original is 16 X 20 Colored Pencil & Turpenoid Just a mellow moose enjoying a spring rain and catching the rain with his antlers! ! did another painting that had this moose in it, but the original was stolen and I never got it back. So this is a kind of replacement of that painting. 206305467 "Eyes of the Tiger" The original is 12 X 16 Colored Pencil & Turpenoid This was inspired by the song, "Eye of the Tiger" from one of the Rocky movies. I was motivated to do this not just because I love tigers, but because of the current situation the world was in. There was a lot of anger & panic from the onset of COVID19 and the riots. Business shut down and the economy was getting bad. I kept thinking of the part of the song that said, "Don't give up on the dreams from the past. You must fight just to keep them alive!" That is the way I felt too. I will NEVER give up on my art or my art business! 206265897 Koala The original is 1 X 14 Pastel on Velour Paper I just adore koalas. This is an older piece I did at least a decade ago. I used an unusual type of paper called velour paper. This was entirely done in pastel, before I discovered colored pencils and how to use them. 206265898 Quacking Up The original is 9 X 12 Colored Pencil & Turpenoid Usually around April & May here in Idaho, you start to see baby ducklings and goslings beginning to hatch. I get a big kick out of going to the local parks and watching them, ever so tiny, following their mother around on land and in a local pond park. Just SO adorable! 206265899 Still Waters, Psalms 23 The original is 24" X 36" Colored Pencil & Turpenoid' Based on Psalms 23 "He leads me beside the still waters...." This won Best of Show in the Drawing Category at the the Art & Soul Juried Exhibit in Twin Falls, Idaho. 206408435