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The Art of Beverly Chick

Funny Felines Funny Felines Funny Felines Comic Book All of my Funny Felines in one comic book! Sells for $5.00 204992834 "Raspberries" This is the cover of my booklet "Funny Felines" 202328182 "Your New Garbage Disposal" Colored Pencil and Turpenoid with watercolor background. Caption says: "I am your new garbage disposal!" 202328184 "Elderly Cat" Mixed media. Caption says: "When elderly cats get dementia" This actually happened to one of the cats I had who was very old. He forgot how to use the litter box! 202328112 "The Vet Visit" Mixed Media Caption says: "We're going where? The Vet Visit" 202328185 "Jedi Cat" Mixed Media Caption says, "I sense a disturbance in the force!" Inspired of course by Star Wars. From a series I did called "Cat Baths". I found cats particularly funny looking when they just get out of the bath. 202328190 "Voyeur Cat" Colored Pencil and Turpenoid. Caption says, "What your cat does when she sees you naked!" 202328186 Where's My Coffee? Mixed Media Caption says: Where's my Coffee?!" 202328187 Yoda Cat Mixed Media Caption says; "Baths I like not; from the dark side they are." 202328188 Cat Bath 1 and Cat Bath 2 Ink Pen black & white. These are not sold in the web store, but let me know if you want a copy. 202328189 OMG! Mixed Media with Collage, I wanted to show the emotions of being surprised, shocked or scared on the faces of cats, using the exaggeration of "big eyes" That's a baby polar bear on the upper right corner. Could also be a fluffy dog. 202328298 Surprise in Box Colored Pencil & Turpenoid with Watercolor background Cats love to hide in boxes and other such objects. Cereal boxes and Cracker Jacks use to have different items inside the box so that was my inspiration for this illustration. 206265965